Downtown Shimmy

Hi, and thanks for checking out Downtown Shimmy. We decided to split up a little while back to focus on our respective solo projects. Our album is still for sale if you’re interested.

Also, please consider checking out our solo projects.

Joshua Fialkoff

Our vocalist, pianist and co-songwriter. You’re already on my site. For a snapshot of what I’m up to check out my homepage.

Frank Velardo

Our guitarist and co-songwriter. Check out his band The Ardvark Felon.

Ansel Barnum

Our harmonica player. His Facebook page is a good place to keep up with him.


Our bass player. Check out his project, Keppler.

Alex Maio

Our drummer. He can often be found playing with me or Frank.

Thanks all. It was a great ride, and we really appreciated your support and love. Hope to see you out sometime soon.